Do you want to go on a trip to Central America? 7 tips to follow

It's no surprise that more and more travelers want to travel to Central America. Few places in the world are so rich in the beauty of volcanoes, the densest jungles, and paradisiacal beaches that we have all dreamed of. On one side, the Pacific, on the other, the warm waters of the Caribbean.

In this country of contrasts, moreover, all is not nature. Fans of more urban tourism will appreciate the colonial architecture, the remains of Mayan civilizations, and the most avant-garde business centers.


Which countries are the most visited during a trip to Central America?


The land of tropical forests and volcanoes.


One of the most spectacular places in the world. Do you know the Great Blue Hole?

El Salvador

Lakes, archaeological sites, and volcanoes. In addition to being a capital, San Salvador, which will never cease to surprise you.



Thermal waters, diving, snorkeling, and the colonial beauty of Tegucigalpa.


Beaches, volcanoes, the Mombacho reserve, and other treasures that you cannot even imagine.

Costa Rica

Heavenly beaches, incredible gastronomy, tropical forests, and exotic fauna.



The territory of the canal, and much more, such as the Panamanian Caribbean or its cosmopolitan capital.

The best way to get to Central America, from most of the world, is by plane. The ideal, in fact, is to choose a destination point in the north, or in the south, and the opposite point of return. The perfect trip would be to land in Panama and continue your way through Central America to Belize.

If you prefer to go the other way around, a good option would be to fly to Cancun. The low-cost company Evelop has set up direct Cancun-Belize flights with attractive discounts. So you can enjoy it if only, by the way, the Riviera Maya.

A month's journey through Central America: tips before you go

You can't get to seven countries in a month, but thirty days is enough to discover them and decide where you want to return. Remember that you can always count on Exoticca to make such decisions.

Manage your budget well

Although most of these countries are inexpensive and many of the activities that can be done there are free, such as walking around towns and admiring the most beautiful landscapes, there are places that are not for everyone. Costa Rica is very tempting, especially if you like adventure tourism and want to try a bit of rafting or zipline in the middle of the rainforest.

Currency type

Then again, although your trip through Central America will take you through different countries, most of them accept the US dollar. Keep this in mind when planning your trip.

When is the best time to travel through Central America?

Accommodation and transport are cheaper in the low season. We therefore advise you to travel from December to Easter. The climate will not be disturbing to you, due to the geographical location of Central America.

Trust your hosts

Tourism has developed a lot in this part of the world, so it is easy to travel to the region. In addition, the inhabitants of these seven countries show a great sense of hospitality. So if you get lost or don't know how to get to the next point on the map, ask.

Technology is your friend

Take a look at this article where we talk about the best travel apps. Here you will find translators, interactive maps, and many tools to make your journey through Central America a real pleasure. The more you plan, the less you have to improvise once there.

Is it safe to travel to Central America?

Central America does not have a very good reputation for security. But in reality, hundreds of travelers come to their lands without suffering any incident. As we have already mentioned, your hosts are hospitable people who will give you a helping hand if you need it. The most important thing for safe travel is to be guided by your common sense. It is best to stay in the more touristy areas, take the advice of those who know the area you are in and be careful.

Improvise or plan?

There are two types of travelers: those who have it all written down, as set in stone, and those who prefer to arrive at their destination and see what is happening. For a crossing of Central America, we recommend that you plan the trip. Especially if it's going to last less than the 30 days, that's what we suggest. Transportation breaks down, hotels fill up and it would be a shame to miss your flight home because you were late for the first few days.