the most beautiful African paradise islands

the most beautiful African paradise islands

Do you want to visit Africa but a photo safari does not make you dream? Perfect! Here is the list of African paradise islands that Exoticca has prepared. Each of them is a perfect destination to relax in an idyllic environment that you will not soon forget.


You will find Reunion Island in the east of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean, a dream island with crystalline beaches, white sand, and a decor that will not disappoint you. You will be surprised by the variety of its vegetation, the waterfalls that water its valleys, the depth of its forests, and even its volcanoes.

We chose Reunion to open the ball of African paradise islands because, in addition to its beaches, it has a coral reef that is not only beautiful to see but which protects the island from sharks. So you can safely dive on the surface. If you are lucky you may see whales.

On its land, hiking is one of the main activities, but the more daring can go paragliding or fly over the island by helicopter.


Mauritius is very close to Reunion and has long been one of the favorite destinations for honeymoons and couples. Its beautiful sandy beaches and blue waters make Mauritius one of the most beautiful places in the world.

You can’t miss Ile aux Cerfs, the real jewel of the country. It is essential to visit in the archipelago the temple of Shiva called the temple of the Great Basin.

Green cap

The Republic of Cape Verde is located just under 600 km from Senegal, off its coast, and is renowned for the variety of its underwater flora and fauna. Thus, snorkeling is the most practiced activity in a third of our African paradise islands… or rather of the archipelagos.

There are ten islands and in each of them, you will find practically unexplored beaches of great beauty.

Island of Sal

Praia, the country’s capital, is located on the island of Sal. It is also one of the best known. But that doesn’t mean it’s overcrowded, far from it.

Come to the island of Sal to windsurf, swim in the salt flats, or visit the salt mines.


Santiago is the greenest island in the archipelago. Its landscapes will touch you. If you’ve had enough of the beach (although we find it hard to believe it’s possible), come to take a walk on Santiago Island.

Ribeira da Prata

If you like hiking, this small island in Cape Verde offers you the possibility of doing it on its craggy peaks. A landscape that makes Ribeira da Prata one of the most special paradise islands in Africa.


These 115 islands form a republic located in the northeast of Madagascar. Its capital, Victoria, is located on Mahe Island and is home to the region’s airport.

The whole republic lives on luxury tourism. This is why, of all our African paradise islands, this is the one that offers you the most peace and rest, in an environment that has been carefully designed to offer travelers the best, all the best and nothing but the best.

The marine fauna of Seychelles is very varied due to the ideal temperature of its waters. Some of its turtle species rival in size those found in the Galapagos Islands.


Located in Tanzania, the place of origin of the famous Freddie Mercury cannot be excluded from the list of African paradise islands. It is located in the east of the continent, in the Indian Ocean.

It is usually visited by photo safari enthusiasts who travel to Kenya, as it is relatively close to that country. So choose Zanzibar if you want to enjoy two different types of vacation in one trip.

It has a tropical climate and is suitable for travelers of all budgets. The best beaches are in the northern part of the island. Nungwi is the name of one of them, it takes its name from the village. Here you can not only enjoy the sun and water activities but also many places where you can cool off and dine.

Pemba Island

Pemba Island is perfect if you are looking for a quiet destination without too many people. Here you can relax, snorkel and marvel at the colors of the sea below the surface. It is also possible to practice deep diving.

Whichever island you choose, don’t forget your camera. The landscapes that these African paradise islands offer you are not common and you will want to remember them forever. Travel with Exoticca and let us help you create unforgettable memories from around the world.