What is Blue Monday and how to overcome it when planning new trips

What is Blue Monday and how to overcome it when planning new trips

We’ve all heard of the January blues. The Christmas holiday hangover, New Year’s resolutions, and such heavy disbursement for gifts have made the third Monday of the month considered Blue Monday. We explain in detail what Blue Monday is and how we can say goodbye to it by organizing a new trip.

What is Blue Monday

You might be familiar with the concept, but you might not know what Blue Monday is. In 2005, an advertising campaign launched this idea of ​​Blue Monday. A fairly common feeling this time of year.

The excess of food and shopping is noticeable. In addition, the end of one stage and the start of another leads us to reflect on what we have been through and to set goals and objectives for the new year.

However, in mid-January, we also find ourselves on the borderline between throwing in the towel or continuing on. The cold and post-vacation syndrome doesn’t help either, but… what can we do to pursue our goals and overcome all the excesses?

How to fight Blue Monday

For all ailments, there is a cure. And while this all means a new investment, sometimes it is necessary to improve our well-being and our mental health. Traveling is not just about temporarily changing locations, it also helps us clear our minds, fill it with new cultures and experiences, and gain an elusive peace when we are immersed in our routine.

Now that you know what Blue Monday is, here are a few reasons why traveling can help us feel better.

The sun always rises somewhere in the world

The world is big enough to resign themselves to staying in their own city, especially considering how difficult Blue Monday is. If low temperatures are one of the reasons January is getting even tougher, you don’t have to worry! There is always a destination where you can find sun and high temperatures at any time of the year.

All the countries that are in the southern hemisphere, that is, under the equator, have reversed seasons. So while North America, Europe and Asia experience winter between December and March, Oceania, most of South America, and southern Africa enjoy the heat. You know what Blue Monday is, now you just have to find a destination to soak up the sun again.

Disconnect from stress

While the holidays are short, shopping and preparing family meals also adds an extra dose of stress. But that’s not all, goals we set for ourselves, like starting to exercise, quitting smoking, or losing weight, can cause irritability when we lose our initial motivation.

And that is precisely what Blue Monday is; this period of frustration that prevents us from moving forward in our life. But we shouldn’t underestimate the power of travel. Find the place you’ve always wanted to go and give yourself that gift.

January is the period for offers

The blues of January perfectly describe what Blue Monday is, but we must not forget that during this month we can also find offers on all kinds of products. The problem is, we don’t always have the option to spend after Christmas shopping.

At Exoticca, we are aware of this, and that is why we have very attractive discounts on many of our trips. Do you dare to discover them? Having an upcoming date marked on the calendar will help you regain the joy of living.

It is the ideal reward

We live endless, stressful days. In addition to work, we have family responsibilities, conflicts in our interpersonal relationships, and bills, and other documents that always pop up when we are least willing to deal with them.

But just like at work we have little breaks, in life, we ​​also have to take a break from time to time. Especially if you know what Blue Monday is. Get a head start at this time of year by taking a few short breaks every few months. It is not necessary to go on vacation for 15 days, a week is enough to recharge the batteries.

At Exoticca, we have organized trips of varying lengths that meet all needs. If you don’t want the Blue Monday experience in January, book your favorite destination now and take advantage of the best deals of the year!