The World's Most Spectacular Train Rides: Get On Board

There is something magical about vintage and authenticity in train travel. The railroad is not as fast as the plane, but in return, it offers the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings, meet people, and experience the most authentic scent of each region. There are some really spectacular train journeys. If you want to touch the sky with your hands and travel across the globe in an atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity, read on.

Maharajas Express


India is the perfect place to start our recommendations on train travel. The Maharajas Express is one of the most exclusive and luxurious trains in the world and its journey will take you to the most iconic places in the country. It offers up to five different tours, but all pass through Ranthambore, Agra, Jaipur, and Delhi.


Traveling on the Trans-Siberian is, without a doubt, one of those experiences to be had at least once in your life. The trip lasts seven days and connects European Russia with the two distant countries, China and Mongolia.


Get ready to see the steppe from a whole new perspective and change your time zone often!

Rovos Rail

The African equivalent of the British Orient Express can only carry 70 passengers per trip. Of course, the number is more than enough to recreate the famous novel by Agatha Christie.


But the train journeys we offer include much more inspiring attractions. With the possibility, in this case, to contemplate the African savannah, the Victoria Falls, or the Zulu nature reserves.

The Blue Train

If you thought luxury and exclusivity were reserved for the Trans-Siberian, you'd be wrong. When we talk about dream train trips, we can't forget the Blue Train.

This is a trip connecting Pretoria and Cape Town with the services of a 24-hour butler included in the ticket. As if African landscapes weren't enough.

Denali Star:

The Nordic countries are widely believed to be the only destination to experience the Northern Lights, but these can also be seen in Alaska.

The fifth of our spectacular train trips, the Denali Star, connects Anchorage and Fairbanks. In addition, it passes through Denali National Park and approaches Mount McKinley, a prime spot for viewing the Northern Lights. Did you know that there is colored ice? Maybe you can see it in Alaska.

The Cloud Train

Located in Argentina, the Train of the Clouds climbs to an altitude of 4,200 meters on a route that leaves from Salta and goes to the Viaduct de la Polvorilla.

Why is it called Cloud Train? Because it allows you to cross the Andes mountain range at such a height that you will cut the clouds in your path. Fascinating.

Hiram Bingham

Peru is home to wonders like Lake Titicaca or the Sacred Valley, but it is best known for the Machu Picchu complex. One of the most spectacular train journeys in the world and, of course, America, is the one offered by Hiram Bingham.

This train of blue and gold cars crosses precisely the Sacred Valley and has as its destination the ancient Inca city. A trip you don't want to miss.

Indian Pacific

The Indian Pacific offers you a unique train travel experience. In four days and three nights, you'll travel over 4,000 kilometers from Perth to Sydney.

Here are some of the places you will pass: Broken Hill, the Nullarbor Plain, or the Blue Mountains. If you want to get a general idea of ​​what Australia is like this is the trip you are looking for.

Glacier Express

91 tunnels and 291 bridges, that's what you'll cross on this eight-hour journey through the Swiss Alps. Mountain tourism is linked to sport and cold, but the Glacier Express is a unique experience and one of the most famous train journeys in Europe.

The line which connects St. Moritz and Zermatt, at several thousand meters above sea level, will offer you spectacular landscapes.


Spain is another of those countries whose train travel is overshadowed by the much better-known sun and beach tourism. The Transcantabrique offers you the opportunity to take an eight-day tour along the entire north coast. The journey begins in Bilbao, where the Guggenheim Museum is located; it passes through Santander, the former holiday destination of the Spanish royal family; it visits several cities of Asturias, such as Ribadesella, Gijón, Candas, and Oviedo, and ends in the emblematic city of Santiago de Compostela.

Taking this trip is a real luxury hotel on rails that does not allow you to go around the Camino de Santiago, but it shows you some of its most iconic stages from the comfort of your seat!

Do you want to take one of these train trips? Tell us about it. We will be happy to show you the wonders of many of these countries. Always travel with Exoticca.